Corporations Forsake Kids for Money

Victor Harding | 60 sec

I‘m Victor Harding. If you’re injured, it IS about the money.

People and corporations make mistakes. They can even be reckless in designing and bringing products to market. The Warshafsky firm tried a case where manufacturers were willing to sacrifice children to save expenses. Think about that - forsake kids for money. Warshafsky firm has imposed such punitive expenses on negligent and reckless manufacturers as have changed entire industries.

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, been abused by someone in authority, or have suffered the impact of business forsaking human beings for dollar bills, I’m proud to tell you the world is a safer place because of the Warshafsky law firm. The big shots who make money decisions value your claim based on your attorney. With Warshafsky your claim will be a high-risk monetary proposition for those big shots. If someone caused you, or God forbid your children, harm I’ll make them pay. Money.

Oh no!

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