Don't Sign a Losing Contract

Keith Trower | 60 sec

Here’s Why. Lawyers think professional athletes and actors make them legitimate. In a football game, if your opponent signs a contract with every player on their team that they not run the ball, you will play defense with 11 defensive backs, and you will win. That is exactly what happens when you hire a sign and settle personal injury attorney. The insurance company knows they are in control at the end of the day. Even if they pay damages, they have won because if you have hired Warshafsky they would have paid a whole lot more. Make the wrong choice and insurance companies can relax knowing your sign and settle lawyer will not take them to trial and their liability is limited. At Warshafsky, we prepare to win at trial from day 1. Injured? It isn’t an act or a game. Hiring powerful trial attorneys at Warshafsky is the best choice you can make to secure your future.

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