Expertise and Tenacity

Werner Ries

"The insurance companies of a semi-trailer that collapsed while tens of thousands of pounds were being unloaded, told me 'Too bad, so sad.' The B-grade attorney I hired initially told me, 'Sorry, no liability.' Desperate, I turned to Warshafsky. Their expertise and tenacity building the case resulted in a 1.7 million dollar settlement."

I'm attorney and licensed medical doctor Werner Adam Reis. Ann Mary is no football player or actor. She did take home a check for 1.1 million dollars, after all of her medical expenses. Insurance companies value your claim based on the quality of your attorney.

"I saw the first attorney once in the year he represented me, and he had a helper try to talk me into a settlement, leaving me to pay my medical bills, then fired me as a client when I said no. Warshafsky has the highest quality lawyers and good human beings. They treated me with respect and care and even set up a trust for my young daughter."

Oh no!

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