Frank with Victor Harding (60 sec)

Frank Crivello | 60 sec

Frank: I’m Frank Crivello of the Warshafsky Personal Injury Firm.

Victor: I’m Victor Harding of Warshafsky.

Frank: You know who are the biggest fans of the actor or football player personal injury ads? Insurance companies.

Victor: When you’re injured insurance companies value your claim based on the quality of your attorney.

Frank: I’m tired of hearing about victims of negligence or recklessness whose representative collect large legal fees. Push an affair settlement or simply fail their clients, resulting in injured people suffering more.

Victor: So am I Frank, when you are injured you have one chance to recover damages. Once you settle or your case is lost, there is no going back.

Frank: If your seriously injured it isn’t a football game or an act. It’s a critical situation impacting your future. The attorney you choose right now will likely positively or negatively affect every day for the rest of your life.

Victor: We will punish the wrong doers in your case by making them pay.

Oh no!

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