Had to Hire Someone Else

Victor Harding | 60 sec

I'm attorney Frank Crivello of Warshafsky. You don’t ever want a multimillion-dollar injury. If you are seriously injured and represented by a sign and settle firm, insurance companies are in the driver’s seat and your multi-million dollar injury may be reduced to a multi-thousand dollar injury.

"I’m Ken."
"Actor or Football player?"
"No, real person permanently injured by a fraud-committing doctor who operated on the wrong side of my back, making pain and numbness far worse and permanent. I had to hire someone else because the first law firm I went to turned me away. That was a lucky day because I hired Warshafsky instead."
Warshafsky’s elite investigators, trial attorneys, and legal experts will prepare your case to win at trial, from day one.
"Insurance companies value your claim based on the quality of your attorney. My 2.9 million dollar settlement proves insurance companies respect and fear Warshafsky at trial."

Oh no!

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