Massive Judgements and Settlements

Victor Harding | 60 sec

Injured? It IS about the money. I’m Warshafsky attorney Victor Harding. Man struck by driver running red light, 3 million. Undiagnosed meningitis, 3 million. Semi-tire delaminating, 3 million. Failure to diagnose internal bleeding, 3 million. Flawed motorcycle, 3.2 million. Road resurfacing accident, 3.25 million. Spinal fracture, 4.5 million. Non-treatment of infant incompatibility of mom’s blood, 7 million. Horribly injured at work, 9.75 million. Pool-heater carbon-monoxide poisoning, 10 million. Auto-accident, child injured 13 million. Bad medicine, 15 million. Gentleman ejected from front-end loader, 15 million. Attorneys at Warshafsky put our pants on one leg at a time just like sign and settle lawyers, only once our pants are on, we win massive judgments and settlements for our clients.

Oh no!

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