Money Can't Replace a Loved One

Frank Crivello | 60 sec

I’m attorney Frank Crivello of the Warshafsky Law Firm. When someone causes you or loved one's harm, some lawyers see it as an opportunity to sign you on and quickly settle for their paycheck.

“I’m Scott. When tragedy struck my family, many attorneys contacted us. One family member hired a famous West Coast law firm who said settle for the liability limit of the semi driver’s insurance carrier: $750,000.”

No amount of money can replace a loved one.

“Unlike the sign and settle firms that contacted us, Warshafsky said 'We can make sure this doesn’t happen again.'”

Huge judgments and huge settlements not only compensate lost income, pain, and suffering, but huge judgments and settlements put reckless businesses and insurers on notice. They had better not endanger people with their actions.

“Warshafsky’s investigator figured out exactly what caused the fatal car crash. Our 3.9 million dollar settlement changed how construction companies do business. That wouldn’t have happened if we settled cheap.”

Oh no!

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