One Leg At a Time

Frank Crivello | 60 sec

I’m Warshafsky trial attorney, Frank Crivello.

Sign and settle football teams don’t play football. With limited capabilities and options, their captains ask insurance company captains to agree on a final score. Sign and settle lawyers knowingly deliver insurance wins, settling cases for less, and unknowingly telling wrongfully injured they have no case. Consider our client two sign and settle law firms turned away before they found Warshafsky. Without experience or drive to find the responsible party, sign and settle lawyers had no insurer to agree with, no defendant, no easy settlement.

Warshafsky’s board-certified private investigator connected the responsible party, and then the Warshafsky team built the case to dominate at trial. Fearing unlimited losses, the insurer settled for seven figures. At Warshafsky we put our football pants on one leg at a time just like sign and settle lawyers. Only, once our pants are on, we win massive judgments and settlements for our clients.

Oh no!

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