Why? Money.

Frank Crivello | 60 sec

Hi, I’m Frank Crivello from Warshafsky Law. Our firm authored the trial handbook for all Wisconsin lawyers. Many times, the parties responsible for pain and suffering misrepresent the facts or hide the truth to avoid responsibility. Why? Money. Many times, truly injured clients have their character assaulted or integrity challenged. Why? Money. If you’ve been injured it IS about the money. The greatest joy my work-life brings is vindicating injured Wisconsinites after they have been told their injury is their own fault and to take a minimal settlement or to just go away. It is ALL about the money. I vindicate the injured by winning the largest judgments possible. No Wisconsin law firm has won a larger civil judgment than Warshafsky. In that light, no matter how bad the situation is now, I look forward to making you and your family whole. And helping you realize the best future possible.

Oh no!

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