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Were you or a loved one injured or paralyzed in a motorcycle or car accident on private property? You may have a case. Property owners are responsible for hazardous environments on their premises. If the negligence of a property owner led to your accident on their property, Warshafsky Law can help you. Contact us for a free consultation. Let's get you the compensation you deserve.

Pursues liability case, establishes safety standard for Wisconsin

Taking risks is a part of life. For some people, it is part of the thrill of living. Professional motorcycle racers know this more than most people, because it is the risk of danger that makes their sport exciting. Career motorcycle racers often sign waivers prior to races because they know the hazards involved in riding at such high speeds.

The risk of injury, or even death, is all in a day’s work for them. This understanding does not, however, remove all liability from the owners and operators of the race tracks. One racer found this out the hard way when he crashed his bike taking a curve and became a paraplegic for life.

Motorcycle racing is risky business

Put yourself in the victim’s shoes for a moment; if you were preparing for a motorcycle race, you know that you are responsible for the split-second decisions you will face. You and your team are responsible for the maintenance of your bike. You sign a waiver stating that in the event you are injured during the race, you assume the risk and responsibility.

Race day comes… The spectators cheer… You start your engine… Ready, Set… Go! This is your moment. You speed around a curve, but it isn’t properly graded and you crash your motorcycle, paralyzing your legs for the rest of your life. You did everything you could to prepare yourself, and you understood that your own failure could mean death, but the owner of the property failed to maintain the property standards necessary for such an event to take place.

Owners have a duty to maintain properties

The liability reasoning in this case is razor thin. Although Milwaukee paralysis attorney Mike Tarnoff originally won the case for his client, the defendants then appealed the decision and won in Appellate Court. Tarnoff was not giving up so easily. His client was paralyzed for life and he was going to get him the compensation he deserved. They took the case to the Wisconsin Supreme Court and won, firmly establishing the Safe Place Law for all of Wisconsin. Another Society Changing Judgement successfully argued by Warshafsky Law Firm.

If you don’t win, you don’t owe a nickle

The personal injury lawyers at Warshafsky Law understand that when you or your loved one has been through a trauma, it often comes with loss of income and huge medical bills. The last thing you need to worry about in a time of crisis is retainer fees and additional monthly bills. That is why Warshafsky pledges ‘No Win, No Fee’ to their clients. If they don’t get you compensation, they don’t take anything for themselves.

Don’t settle for less

Warshafsky offers a free consultation to prospective clients to see if you have a case. After the initial consultation, Warshafsky prepares your case for the judge and jury. Other personal injury lawyers that brag about settling a large volume of cases never intend to bring the defendants to trial. This means they settle for much lower compensation to keep moving you through the “settlement mill”.

Warshafsky prepares your case to stand trial from day one, guaranteeing you the highest amount of compensation they can attain. Warshafsky will evaluate a settlement offer versus what you stand to win via judgment/verdict at trial based only on getting YOU maximum compensation.  There is a statute of limitations on personal injury cases. Even if the insurance company seems to be cooperating with you and sympathetic to your case, often they are trying to delay your case and release themselves from liability. That is part of their strategy to deny, delay and defend.

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