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The Ride of Silence is a coordinated memorial bike ride aimed at raising awareness for motorists and commemorating the lives of fallen bicyclists. Established in 2003, the once-small event has grown into the largest international awareness campaign of its kind. Worldwide, once per year, and without mandatory donations, cyclists gather for the Ride of Silence.

Milwaukee's experienced bicycle accident attorneys join Ride of Silence

At Warshafsky, our Milwaukee personal injury attorneys have taken a special interest in bicycling. Biking is more than just a small subculture of self-powered commuters or people worried about being in shape. Bicycles have become a fixture in both rural and urban transportation. Sadly, there’s a growing disconnect between bicyclists and some motorists when it comes to a safe, shared co-existence on the roadways. Every year, many bicyclers are injured and killed by collisions with their faster-and-heavier road mates. As a countermeasure, our Milwaukee bike accident lawyers have helped the “Ride of Silence” increase in prominence.

The memorial bike ride seeks to reduce the number of bicycle fatalities by altering the perspective of motorists and city planners. There’s a vocal minority who responds aggressively to cyclists who are on “their” roadways, despite car accident liability law requiring drivers to share the road. The goal of the ride of silence is to promote cultural change away from this outlier hostility and towards a common respect on our shared roads. We aim to foster a friendly co-existence between both methods of transportation and reducing accident and fatalities among cyclists.

Warshafsky Law Firm believes in taking community action to make the roads safe for bikers, including proper design of roadways and bike lanes. According, we endorse The Ride of Silence to make motorists, media, and city planners more aware of their legal and moral obligation to share the road with bicycles.

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