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Oak Creek Car Accident Lawyers, Statistics & Interactive Map

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Oak Creek Personal Injury Attorneys Get You the Biggest Settlement

Oak Creek auto accident lawyersInsurance companies don’t care how badly you’ve been hurt in a car wreck, they only care who’s representing your case.

Insurance is all about mitigation. Mitigating risks, mitigating costs, mitigating how much they’ll have to pay you when you’ve been injured in a serious car crash.

The only way to make sure you collect the most money in your case is by hiring a law firm who is prepared to go all the way to trial, even to appeal if necessary.

Don’t Choose The Wrong Law Firm If Severely Injured

Other Oak Creek personal injury attorneys are nothing more than settlement factories. They boast about their high volume, banking on the fact you won’t realize their volume actually hurts your case. Their only objective is to churn you through as quickly as possible with the least amount of work possible. Your expenses could continue for years – ongoing medical treatments, therapy, lost wages and emotional counseling. If your settlement is inadequate, you are going to pay for it for the rest of your life. The law firm gets paid. The insurance company is happy. You’re left with inadequate resources to make yourself whole.

Insurance companies know how these firms operate. They’ll cut the law firm a low ball offer. These guys are only too happy to take it before spitting you out the other side. Many of these law firms have forgotten what the inside of a courthouse looks like. They never take cases to court and the insurance companies know it. The offer to settle is always lower. The insurance companies realize these types of law firms are much more willing to settle, and much less willing to take the case all the way through to court.

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

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Dangerous and deadly car accidents are too common in Oak Creek. Every year adds to the number of fatal crashes along US-32, particularly between Drexel and Hwy 100. When the weather turns, Howell Ave and I-94 become a dangerous driving free-for-all.

Worse yet, drunk driving accidents remain an unacceptable problem in Oak Creek, and throughout Wisconsin. A 2010 accident involved a drunk driver. In 2011, there were three fatal car accidents: at South 13th Street and Puetz Road; on I-94 at the 13th Street Exit; and at Nicholson Road and the Root River Parkway. In 2010, there were seven fatal car accidents with seven fatalities. Thirteen cars were involved. Serious and fatal accidents occur up and down Howel Avenue throughout Oak Creek. Bad accidents happen.

Drunk driving accidents remain an unacceptable problem in Oak Creek, and throughout Wisconsin.

Warshafsky keeps a staff of accident investigators whose only job is to find sources of liability. Combined with our experienced trial attorneys, we catch the things other law firms don’t know to look for, things which will equal money in your pocket.

There is almost never such a thing as a “no-fault” vehicle accident. Our staff will find out who owes you for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Insurance companies do not want to face trial-hardened attorneys in court. Jurors tend to identify with the victim, not the cold, faceless corporation, and Warshafsky’s experienced injury attorneys will make defending their case a nightmare. Insurance companies will offer larger settlements to avoid meeting us in trial.

Warshafsky will compare the insurer’s settlement offer to the amount we expect to win at trial to ensure we get YOU the most money.

6 Wisconsin Car Accident Laws with a HUGE Impact on Your Claim

Trial Lawyers for Oak Creek Auto Crash Victims

The sooner you call Warshafsky to represent you in your personal injury case, the sooner we can prepare your case for trial. There is a statute of limitation for car accident injuries in Wisconsin.

If you wait, you’re only hurting yourself further, while letting those responsible get away without facing appropriate consequences.

Warshafsky will charge no fee unless you win. We will take your case all the way through trial, and even appeals if necessary, without charging anything until YOU receive the compensation you deserve. When you see the quality of our work and the depth of our auto collision investigations, you’ll realize It IS About The Money.®

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