Compensation for paralysis case vs Harley Davidson Wisconsin lawsuit nets $2.4 million dollar settlement amount

What are some common injuries after a motorcycle accident?

The most common motorcycle accident injuries are traumatic brain injuries (TBI), road rash, fractures, internal damage and spinal cord injuries. If you have suffered an injury after a motorcycle accident, you need to contact a personal injury attorney. Warshafsky won a $2 million dollar settlement for a paralysis case due to a motorcycle accident in 1984.

Warshafsky personal injury attorneys ensure paraplegic man receives the most compensation in Harley-Davidson lawsuit

When a good lawyer is highly prepared for trial, the insurance company makes a maximum settlement offer to avoid more hassle. When you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, Warshafsky Law Firm will make a case strong enough to scare the insurance companies and if necessary go through full-scale litigation to get you the highest compensation. The Milwaukee motorcycle injury attorneys at Warshafsky Law Firm have fought for many motorcycle accident victims over the years. If you’ve been injured on a motorcycle and the law does not consider you to be at fault, you deserve compensation. 

Nothing will be left by the wayside in your case with our Wisconsin motorcycle accident attorneys. For example, see this article about a large lawsuit settlement in which Ted Warshafsky fought for 5 years, through trial and appeal to ensure a fair payout for a paraplegic man injured on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.


Man gets $2 million in Harley-Davidson settlement

By John Fauber

Harley-Davidson Motor Co. In. of Milwaukee has agreed to pay $2.02 million to an Oshkosh man who became a paraplegic after a motorcycle crash, lawyers confirmed Monday. The settlement ends a five-year legal battle between Harley-Davidson and Reuben McGinnis, 39, who was injured while riding a 1979 Harley-Davidson FLH (Hog) motorcycle. A Circuit Court jury in December 1983 found Harley-Davidson 65% negligent and awarded McGinnis $2.4 million. Harley-Davidson then appealed the case to the State Appeals Court.

Harley-Davidson’s attorney asked Monday that the appeal be dismissed. McGinnis’ attorney, Ted Warshafsky, said McGinnis had agreed to the settlement for several reasons. With the case before the Appeals Court and a possible further appeal to the State Supreme Court, it might not have been resolved until 1986, he said. Warshafsky also said there was always the risk that an appellate court would rule in favor of Harley-Davidson. “We are dealing with a plaintiff who is paraplegic, and there is an economic imperative to resolve these things,” Warshafsky said. Warshafsky said McGinnis would get more than 80% of the original jury verdict. He said the settlement was a good compromise for both sides. 

Paul Schwermer, Harley-Davidson’s lawyer, said that with the interest required during the period the verdict was unpaid, the total would have been about $3 million. He said the settlement reduced the amount Harley-Davidson would have to pay by about one-third. In Wisconsin, 12% interest must be paid when jury awards go unpaid. Schwermer said Harley-Davidson had good grounds for a reversal of the case, but that the expense of more litigation and a new trial, along with the risk of losing the case, made the settlement more attractive. He said it was unclear how much of the settlement money would be paid by Harley-Davidson and how much would be paid by its insurance company.

You deserve more than “settlement mill law firms” that take the quick and easy way out by cooperating with insurance companies for the easiest offer. Warshafsky made sure to fight as long as necessary to get Reuben Mcginnis fair compensation for his paralysis. Even through appeal, he was awarded a hefty sum of money for his injuries in a timely manner. If Reuban Mcginnis was not represented by Warshafsky he may have settled on much less compensation for his injuries at the beginning of the litigation process. Warshafsky Law Firm is prepared for the long haul. We’ll work tirelessly for a vast range of motorcycle injury cases involving amputation, back injuries, wrongful death involving car accident fatalities and more.  Without a skilled, effective attorney like Ted Warshafsky, the original court may not have found Harley-Davidson at fault. Harley-Davidson was a hidden defendant which may not have been obvious to less comprehensive law firms. Our Milwaukee personal injury lawyers heavily investigate each case to find every possible defendant, ensuring all loose ends are eliminated. We’ll do what’s right for you.

Warshafsky is prepared to build a full case regarding your motorcycle injury. We’re ready to go to court and fight for the money rightfully owed to you. Our Milwaukee motorcycle accident attorneys have years of experience and an abundance of successful cases. We care about your wellbeing, so we ensure all clients there is no risk when they come to Warshafsky. We offer a free consultation and will not collect a single fee until recovery is made. All costs are advanced to eliminate any excess stress for our clients. Our Wisconsin motorcycle injury lawyers will go above and beyond to fight for the highest compensation. Without Warshafsky Law Firm, you’ll receive less compensation for an injury which by law is not your fault.

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