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Slip and fall lawyer for grocery store or private business in Wisconsin

Slip and Fall in Grocery Store MilwaukeeGrocery stores and supermarkets have many potential slip and fall risks for customers and employees. Produce departments often use timed sprinklers which can leave floors wet, while food spills can leave floors slippery. Even other shoppers being inattentive can lead to you falling down. If you have suffered a slip and fall in a grocery store in the Milwaukee area, Warshafsky Law will represent your claim.

Sprained wrists and broken bones weren’t on your grocery list: A slip and fall can change that. If you are hurt, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Our lawyers at Warshafsky Law will give your case the treatment it deserves. 

When you Slip and Fall in a Wisconsin Grocery Store

If a fall like this happens to you, seek medical attention immediately. Even if you don’t think it’s serious, getting an accurate medical report will give you peace of mind. Take note of the date and time of the incident. Document the scene using your phone if possible. Evidence such as pictures and videos can be powerful tools for you going forward. Afterward, call us ASAP for a free case assessment. Act fast—there is a statute of limitations, and the sooner we can build your case, the sooner we can win you the money you deserve. 

Don’t Let Them Off the Hook

You already gave them your money. You shouldn’t have had to give them your health.

The law requires businesses to maintain safe stores, whether it’s a Milwaukee area Pick’N Save, or a business in Madison or Green Bay. Their negligence risked your health and your well-being. Hold them accountable: Don’t just make them pay, make them pay more with us.

Top Grocery Store Chains in Wisconsin:

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Warshafsky Law: Aggressive Attorneys Fighting for You  

Companies use initial settlement offers to end the case quickly and cheaply. Before you accept anything, get an accurate picture of what your case may be worth by calling us today. Don’t leave money on the table. Get the facts from our experienced attorneys.

Other law firms push quick settlements for an easy buck. We push for the best outcome and the best settlements by preparing each case to go the distance at trial. Companies know us and fear our attorneys. We win, and we win big. Our reputation pushes companies into more generous settlement offers to avoid losing in the courtroom. With our No Win No Fee platform, get the best representation possible at no risk to you. Call Warshafsky Law today.

Contact our Milwaukee slip and fall lawyers if you’ve been injured due to negligent maintenance in a grocery store.

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