Milwaukee Personal Injury Lawsuits Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if a doctor makes a mistake during surgery?

If you have been injured by a doctor’s mistake during surgery, you should: 1. Seek medical help immediately. Provide the new doctor with correct and thorough information to get an accurate record of your state of health following the medical error. 2. Do NOT contact the hospital or doctor at fault. If the healthcare provider is aware of his or her mistake, you may be offered a settlement for far less than your injuries are worth. 3. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney. A lawyer can help you prove medical malpractice and assure you receive adequate compensation for your injuries.

What is surgical error?

Surgical error occurs when a patient is harmed by an unexpected, preventable mistake. Whether you can sue for surgical error depends on your individual case. In most circumstances, you won’t win a case just because the surgery did not work out how you wanted. However, if your doctor makes an error no reasonable physician would make under the same circumstances, you can sue for surgical error.

What qualifies for medical malpractice for surgeries?

To qualify for medical malpractice, the surgical error must have been performed by a surgeon who failed to follow the appropriate standard of care, and the failure must be the actual cause of the harm. Surgical errors can include: - Anesthesiology errors - Punctured organs - Damaged nerves - Operating on the wrong body part or wrong patient - Leaving surgical instruments inside the body - Accidental damage to a nerve, organ, blood vessel, etc. - Nursing staff negligent with post-op care, causing severe infections