After an accident, who pays for the rental car in Wisconsin? And the rental car insurance? If medical bills and lost wages are over $5000, you're going to want a lawyer.

After a car accident, there might be interviews with police and hospital visits. Once you’ve calmed down your first thought will probably be “How am I going to get around without my car?” The answer is a rental car. Most rental agencies work with auto insurance companies so you won’t have to pay out of pocket while your car gets repaired. But not all insurance policies are created equal. Rental reimbursement is not included on every policy. It is important to work with a seasoned auto accident law firm in Milwaukee to know if you are getting the best compensation after an auto accident.

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How Long Does it Take to Get a Rental Car After Accident (and How Long You Can Keep It)

Many rental agencies have special same day pick-up programs for drivers after they’ve been in an accident. In many cases, you can have a replacement vehicle within hours of your accident. You should contact your insurance adjuster or review your policy first to see if a rental is fully covered.

To rent a car, you will still need:

  • A valid driver’s license
  • Proof of insurance
  • Initial payment/deposit*

*You pay for the rental upfront and out-of-pocket instead of waiting for your insurance to setup the rental. If you wait for insurance, all the billing will be taken care of right away.

Your insurance or the other driver’s plan should cover the cost for the rental car until your damaged vehicle is fully repaired and returned to you. Major repairs can take more than two weeks to complete. A rental reimbursement policy in your auto insurance plan should cover almost all the costs over this time. If you do not have reimbursement coverage, you will want to contact Warshafsky Law to research your legal options for accident compensation.

Is Rental Car Insurance Covered Too?

When you rent a car, the dealer will give you an option to pay for insurance. Since you’ve just been in an accident it will no doubt be appealing to protect yourself again. Insurance reimbursement is generally divided as per-day or per-accident claim. Make sure adding on the insurance doesn’t make you go over the limits.

Know Your Loaner Car Limits

Most car insurance policies cover basic rental vehicle. “Upgrading” to a luxury or exotic vehicle may mean you pay out-of-pocket costs for the difference.

At-Fault vs. Not At Fault Rental Car Coverage

If you were not at fault in your car accident, the other driver’s insurance policy should cover your rental car costs. However, it can take time to prove who was at fault in an accident. Warshafsky Law’s nationally certified legal investigator provides evidence collection and chain of possession, accident scene preparation, and evidentiary reporting. Accurate accident documentation can show who was at fault and who owes who.

Under Wisconsin car insurance law, all drivers to have car insurance coverage. Uninsured Motorist coverage policies are only $25,000 per person (minimum) and $50,000 per accident for injury. If the other driver is not covered, contact Warshafsky Law. You will need an experienced legal team to get the money you need for your vehicle repairs and personal injury treatment.

Rideshares for Accident Victims

Services like Uber and Lyft offer a low cost, as-needed alternative to a rental car. A rental will cost a fixed amount every day, regardless of if you actually use it. Rideshares only charge for each individual ride you take. However, they can cut down on your freedom if you live in an area where there are no drivers available. And they charge by the mile, so if you are ferrying between doctor’s appointments and insurance meetings you could wind up paying more.

One of the biggest benefits of rideshares is anyone injured in a car accident won’t have to worry about driving themselves. Broken bones set in casts can make hitting pedals or turning the steering wheel difficult. Others may have trouble sitting upright for extended periods because of their injuries. A rideshare driver lets travel pain-free. However, rides are unlikely to be covered by your insurance reimbursement policy.

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