Hit by drunk or drugged driver in Milwaukee: Getting compensation Insurance companies offer larger settlements to law firms who win in court.

Every time someone is injured in an accident the insurance companies of everyone involved are presented with a game. The goals of the game are to minimize their payment and stay out of the courtroom. In many cases, entire teams of people are paid handsome salaries to play this game. Whether their job title is “claims adjuster” or the benign “customer service specialist,” they are being paid to minimize cost. The “Four D’s” are the famous tactics insurance companies use to make you go away:

  1. Deny: Insurance companies will tell you your claim is not covered under the policy. Didn’t you read the fine print?
  2. Delay: There’s a statute of limitations on your claim. Stretching out your claim with a paper shuffle can get them across the finish line.
  3. Defend: Many personal injury lawyers are inexperienced in doing battle with their legal teams in a courtroom. 
  4. Diminish: Insurance companies will send out settlement checks to make you go away. Don’t sign these without first talking to an experienced personal injury lawyer. The check is an OFFER that can absolve them of their real liability.

A guilty verdict for a DUI is simply a criminal conviction: it shows the other driver broke the law by driving while intoxicated. To get the maximum compensation you’re entitled to for medical costs and damage to your vehicle, you’ll need to win in a civil lawsuit proving the drunk driver was responsible for the injuries and losses sustained by you and your passenger(s).

Even if the drunk driver who hit you manages to avoid a criminal conviction for DUI, your personal injury claim can still succeed. Your best chance of a successful claim starts with an experienced Milwaukee car accident attorney or motorcycle accident attorney.

What if the drunk driver is uninsured?

There’s a good chance there are provisions in your policy that will bail you out regarding medical bills, loss of income, and vehicle/property damage. The most important thing most people don’t understand about personal injury law is the ability of an experienced accident investigator to uncover hidden sources of liability.  The tavern that overserved the driver? The construction company of nearby roadwork? The business that owned the vehicle the driver swerved to avoid? The automaker with the recalled steering column? You shouldn’t assume you’re screwed. You should absolutely consult with a lawyer and accident investigator – quickly.

How can a drunk driver’s insurance company claim and I share fault?

Wisconsin law recognizes comparative negligence in car accident cases, meaning the fault of everyone involved in the accident is “compared.” Even if you’ve been hit and injured by a drunk driver, the insurance company’s lawyers will look for any aspect of a decision or action you made, attempting to show it could have contributed to causing your injuries. This can lead to a serious reduction in the amount of your claim.

The stakes are high, and you need elite car accident lawyers representing you. Don’t let the drunk driver’s insurer decide how much compensation you’re entitled to.

Milwaukee personal injury lawyers protect YOUR interests

Even in a no-fault insurance state like Wisconsin, insurance companies are well aware of the risk if a case goes to trial and a jury decides how much to award the injured party. It’s in their best interests (NOT YOURS) to offer you a settlement and pressure you to act quickly. Our legal team includes a former insurance company lawyer, and we know how far they’ll go to avoid paying the full amount you’re entitled to.

Experienced Warshafsky personal injury lawyers help injured accident victims get the fair settlement they deserve. We fight for your best interests against big insurance companies including State Farm, GEICO, Allstate, American Family, Progressive, Acuity and West Bend.

 6 WI Car Accident Laws that Impact your claim

Don’t be a victim twice: consult a Milwaukee lawyer before accepting a settlement

You should never attempt to settle your claim until your injuries from the accident have completely healed. Once your claim is settled, it’s OVER, and any injuries you may discover afterwards will not be compensated. We have a physician on our staff to make sure all necessary diagnosis and treatment is covered in your claim.

It’s impossible to know the full extent of the accident’s effects on your life and health until a full recovery has been made. Medical costs, pain and suffering, lost work, and other factors must all be considered. If you're in an accident while operating a motorcycle, there is a very high chance of suffering a motorcycle accident injury, so make sure it is documented no matter how minor it may seem. Warshafsky Law has the experience and determination to get you every cent of compensation you’re entitled to—and insurance companies know it.

Make the most of your case: NO FEE unless we win

When you contact a personal injury lawyer at Warshafsky Law, we immediately begin to prepare your case for trial. Insurance companies know us, and when we’re representing you they’ll sit up and take your case seriously. Don’t take chances with a “sign and settle” law firm looking for a quick and easy insurance settlement.

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